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USPS is abbreviated as United States Postal Service which is a popular postal service in the United States which is an independent company of the Federal government of the US. It is responsible for providing the very best postal service to all the residents of the United States. Tracking system can't discover the tracking number and the bundle still has actually not gotten here and it was shipped on Dec Get this. i order a product on ebay, the guy wen to drop it off, they informed him it wasnt effectively covered ... he took it house and 7 days later on he sends it out, provides me a tracking number and ofcourse it just states that they got it on this day. I ship globally all the time via USPS Concern Mail and all of the bundles normally arrive the delivering nations in 10 days or faster. After a few shots, I lastly access the tracking number, and it says that it has left my regional post office. You see for the most parts (not all) that number you have is a delivery confirmation which not does anything more than state that this product was delivered someplace in the zip code you designated. It gets processed and sent from USPS Jamaica, NY 9 days earlier, sent back to the west coast to Oregon.

About two weeks earlier, I sent out a package overseas in express mail, USPS tracking info just shows the record of preliminary delivery of the bundle from JFK airport, no other upgraded record is shown! I don't believe the federal staff member dumbasses that run USPS even have a tracking system. I bought an Ebay product and was offered a USPS tracking #, going to the UNITED STATE postal site it informed me that the product was shipped Dec 24/08 and showed up in Canada Customs Dec 27/08. I even called USPS yesterday and was notified they only have the exact same information as I have based on the track and confirm system. What a joke!!!!!!! The tracking is undoubtedly even worse than UPS, but packages can be found in normally a 3rd the time than UPS or FedEx Ground and the shipping is cheaper.

On December 18, the mailman/lady picked up my concern mail bundle from my apartment in NY. The package was going to Fairfax VA and consisted of a number of gifts for my grand son, daughter-in-law and boy. So naturally, I go to the USPS tracking site, which the sender had sent me (with the tracking number). If you deliver something from Minnesota to Florida the delivery might make a couple of stops to get reloaded on another truck because processes it will be scanned and you would see that when you type that number in tracking. Now if you have a real tracking number and it doesn't work then that is simply wrong.

Too many times these sellers and websites hide out of stock items and sluggish shipping practices behind the opportuity to print a tracking number that isn't really updated up until the plan reaches its destination. USPS SAYS I GOT MY PACKAGE BUT I DID NOT GET IT, COULD NOT CONNECT WITH THEM, ALL I GOT IS THE RUN AROUND!!! FedEx and UPS, naturally, have international shipping plans that are quick and have excellent tracking and insurance coverage, however they're extremely, very costly (last time I needed to ship via that technique, it was something like $25 or $35 for a ~ 1 pound plan).

I shipped a watch back to china that cost me $125.00, the clerk never asked me if I wanted insurance or tracking she took my package threw it into a box on the floor and charged me so I paid and left. What Im not a usps expert I figured she was doing her task so I took it at face value.

Bulk of my deliveries deliver in 2-3 company days in the US. The issue is when you pay for shipment confirmation and the provider does not make the effort to scan the package as provided or provides it and do not get the signature. I recalled and talked to another associate, and she stated the post office is expect to scan every plan at the pickup area when it is delivered. If you do use USPS and you create your labels online, print a scan form and have your provider scan the form or have it scanned at the post office. Amazing, 2nd lost package of the year with an useless USPS tracking number.

I'm so disappointed with USPS that I will never ever buy anything from a seller that uses it. The usps tracking number format cw tracking is a joke, because all it tells me on is that the post office was informed that a bundle was being shipped. Here we are on day 10, I have no box and the tracking informs me that the bundle was accepted in Los Angeles 10 days earlier. USPS is a limited partner of DHL for small parcels so a USPS tracking number is assigned there.

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